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We offer several border options to choose from. To help select the best one for your canvas prints, we have the following recommendations:

For most images we recommend the "image wrap" option where the picture continues over the front of the canvas and runs along the side edges. This is the classical canvas layout, and is selected for a majority of the canvases we make.

The below shows the original image, next a box is drawn to show how which portions will be the front of the canvas and the sides after it is stretched and wrapped. Finally, the last image shows how the final canvas will look like.

Original Picture Picture with border  Canvas with image wrap
 Original picture Picture with box indicating which part of the image will be on the front and sides  Final wrapped canvas print


There are situations where we do not recommend the "image wrap" option. This occurs when the subject(s) in the picture is too close to the edge. If we take the main image and have it run over the sides, then there is a good chance that the main subject will be cut off the front and main visible portion of the canvas. In the example below, you can see the girl's head is very near the top of the picture. If we were to do an "image wrap", then the top of her head will be cut off from the front side of the canvas after it is stretched.

Girl with flowers original pic Girl with flowers border girl with flowers image wrap canvas
 Original picture Picture with box indicating which part of the image will be on the front and sides  Final wrapped canvas print


As you can see, this will not be a good canvas to display since a portion of the main subject is cut off from the main view. Rather than using the "image wrap" border option, we will recommend that the "mirror wrap" or solid border color options be selected instead. Below is what the canvas will look like for those options. The original image is displayed fully on the front side of the canvas.

Mirror wrap canvas

Solid color canvas border

Mirror Wrap Option Solid Color Option (Gray)


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We want to work with you to ensure your canvas prints will be beautiful and hang proudly on your wall for many years!