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Metal Prints

Wholesale Canvas Prints and Fine Art Paper Prints at the Lowest Prices

Canvas Memoirs PRO specializes in creating the highest quality canvas prints and fine art paper prints from digital images. We create our products using finest starting materials to ensure the final assembled canvas print and paper prints are professional grade products. We know you care about delivering the best products to your customers, and we will help you do so.

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Canvas Prints

Our canvas prints are made with the highest quality materials and carefully hand stretched to ensure the image perfectly lines up with the stretcher bar frame.

  • We use geniune OEM pigment inks to produce canvas prints. We do not use knock-off refill inks with questionable quality.
  • These bright, vivid, amazing colors will resist fading for over 100 years and help your photos into canvas prints last for generations.
  • We can provide a free rolled sample print to ensure color accuracy to your original image.
Rolls of Canvas
  • We print on a thick archival grade, poly-cotton blend canvas to provide greater durability.
  • The canvas is pH nuetral and acid free and will not yellow over time.
  • The bright white canvas will support dazzling colors that are consistent and accurate across a wide gamut.
Pine Stretcher Bars
  • We use kiln dried pine stretcher bars to ensure that the canvas print does not warp or bow over time.
  • The design of the stretcher bars are rounded and beautifully beveled to allow minimal contact with the canvas.
  • We do not cut corners by using pressed cardboard, plastic or particle wood
  • Our friendly team will work closely with you to make sure you are completely satisfied.
  • We provide free digital proofs to help you fine tune your image and make sure there are no surprises.
  • We offer a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee to you and your customers.

How to prepare images for Canvas Prints

We have created a guide on how to prepare images for canvas prints

Please read this to see how to prepare your images to be an image wrap, mirror wrap, or solid color border wrap and how to place your logo on the back of your canvas.


We have prepared some templates for you to prepare your images for Canvas Prints. You can download the canvas setup templates via dropbox here.

Click here to download the 16x20" - 1.5 Thickness Template

Border Options

wrapped-edge.png Mirror Edge Black border
Image Wrap Mirror Wrap Solid-Border Wrap

The standard edge effect that we recommend is the "image wrap." This is the classical canvas effect where the main image continues over the sides of the canvas. This effect is more pronounced for the gallery wrap stretching option (1.5" thick).

Another option we offer is the "mirror wrap" where the image stops at the canvas edge and wrapped sides are a reflection on the main image.

If you need help selecting which border option to choose, please click here

Stretching Options

Rolled 0.75" Thickness (Thin) 1.50" Thickness (Thick)

We offer several stretching options for your convenience. If you are planning to frame your canvas, we recommend you select the "thin stretched" option. The 0.75" thick stretched canvas will fit into frame shells.

If you would prefer to hang the canvas on your wall without framing, we recommend the thick stretched option. This is commonly referred to as a "gallery" wrap. The thick canvas wrapping stands out from the wall. The thin wrapped canvas is also suitable for direct mounting, but will not have as large of a visable side.

We also offer a rolled canvas option. We suggest this option only if you already have wooden stretcher bars and are familiar with how to stretch canvas.

Hanging Options

Dust Cover Sawtooth Hanger Hanging Wire
Dust Cover Sawtooth Hanger Hanging Wire

Fine Art Paper

Canvas Memoir Pro’s print on demand service allows you to buy the best quality giclée fine art prints at wholesale prices.
All of our premium papers are archival grade and will last for generations with the proper care.


You can choose the size of the bleed for your print when you order your Fine Art Paper print. You have the choices of:

  • No Bleed (Image goes to the edge of the paper)
  • 0.5” Total Bleed (0.25” around each side) We recommend using the 0.5" bleed, especially if your customers are planning on framing their print. The bleed helps the print look better when framed as it enables more of the image to be in view (the frame would cover up the outside edges of the paper).
  • 1.0” Total Bleed (0.5” around each side)
  • 2.0” Total Bleed (1.0” around each side)

Paper Options

LexJet Premium Archival Smooth Matte Fine Art Paper (230 gsm)

LexJet's Premium Archival Matte Paper is a smooth, neutral-white, matte paper for high-quality fine art, photo reproduction, and open-edition decor. The paper supports accurate color reproduction and high-contrast, high-resolution output, and is acid-free for a longer print life with pigment inks. It features a heavy weight (230 gsm), and an instant-dry coating that resists fingerprints and smudging

Epson Hot Press Bright White Heavy Smooth Matte Fine Art Paper (300-330 gsm)

330 gsm sheets (up to 17x22), 300 gsm on larger images.
The Epson Hot Press Bright White Fine Art Paper is part of their “Signature Worthy” series of papers – papers good enough to use for art shows and exhibitions. It is an archival grade acid-free, 100% cotton rag inkjet paper with a bright smooth finish. This 17 mil, 330 gsm paper has an extremely high color gamut and black density, prefect for artists and photographers looking for a smooth fine art finish. The Hot Press Bright has an ultra smooth finish and bright white surface with an extremely high D-Max for high contrast in both B&W as well as color reproduction prints.

Epson Cold Press Bright White Heavy Textured Matte Fine Art Paper (300-340 gsm)

340 gsm sheets (up to 17x22), 300 gsm on larger images EPSON Cold Press Bright White Fine Art Paper is part of their “Signature Worthy” series of papers – papers good enough to use for art shows and exhibitions. It is an archival grade acid free, 100% cotton rag paper with a bright white, textured surface. This 21 mil, 340gsm paper has an extremely-high color gamut and black density perfect for artists and photographers looking for a bright white, textured surface. This surface replicates that of traditional watercolor artist papers.

Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl Semi-Glossy / Luster Photo Paper (310 gsm)

Ilford Galerie Prestige Smooth Pearl paper features the very latest HDR (High Dynamic Range) optically clear coating and coupled with recent advancements in inkjet receiving layer design, makes this the reference media for producing images with superb clarity, high sharpness and excellent colour gamut. The high-density, resin coated heavyweight base and smooth pearl finish not only eliminate glare and fingerprints but with its natural photographic white tint, produce prints with the true look and feel of a photograph.

Epson Metallic Glossy Photo Paper (260 gsm)

EPSON Signature Worthy Metallic Photo Paper Luster is designed with an incredible Dmax and rich color gamut. This semi-gloss, E-surface, photographic paper features a unique metallic surface that provides extreme sharpness and depth.

Guidelines Choosing the Right Paper:

We’ve provided a few guidelines below to help you choose between the different paper types that we offer. The paper you use should suit the mood that you are trying to convey and the content of the image you are printing. The below will highlight some of the differences between glossy papers vs matte papers as well as some of the specifics on the papers we offer. At the end of the day, what matters most though is what you think looks good!

Uses of Fine Art Matte Papers

Mood, Vintage, Style, Text: Matte papers are often used if you want to convey a more subtle mood to your photo. Vintage style photos and artwork are displayed much better on matte paper – shiny glossy or semi-glossy papers would take away from this effect. Prints that are pastel, or have a lot of text would also work better on Matte Paper vs Glossy Paper. It is more pleasant to read text on matte papers than glossy or semi-glossy papers.

Solid Colors / Lower Contras, Black and White: Matte paper works well for images that have large swathes of solid or similar colors, and images that generally have lower contrast. Fine Art Matte paper is also often used for Black and White photography and images.

Larger Prints, Finger Print resistant: If you are printing or selling larger sizes of your work, matte paper often works better than glossy. As glossy paper prints are shiny, larger prints often catch the reflection of lights when viewed. Matte papers are not shiny, hence do not have this issue. Matte papers are also more finger print resistant than Glossy and Semi-Glossy papers and are easier to handle.

Differences between Regular Smooth Matte, Heavy Textured Matte, and Heavey Smooth Matte:

All of the papers that we use are Archival Grade and will last for a very long time if properly maintained.

The Smooth Matte - LexJet Premium Archival Matte Paper

Both the Heavy Textured Matte Paper and Heavy Smooth Matte papers are very thick and luxurious to the touch. These are premium quality papers included in Epson’s “Signature Worthy” series of papers – papers good enough to use for art shows and exhibitions. The EPSON Cold Press Bright White Heavy Textured Matte paper feels like a traditional artist’s watercolor paper and has more texture on the surface of the paper. The Epson Hot Press Bright White Heavy Smooth Matte paper is a matte paper that has a smoother surface.

Both are great papers and which one you choose for your matte paper would depends on your preference. The Epson Hot Press Bright White Heavy Smooth Matte paper prints with a slightly higher level of detail than the EPSON Cold Press Bright White Heavy Textured Matte paper, as smooth papers print slightly more sharply than textured papers do. The EPSON Cold Press Bright White Heavy Textured Matte is very useful for more “rougher” styles of images and prints, such as vintage prints, or pictures in old settings. The heavier texture helps to bring out the “rough” feels of the image more.

Uses of Fine Art Matte Papers

Semi-Glossy and Glossy photo papers are excellent for photos and images that are vibrant and that you want to “shout out”. Designs that have rich colors and tones, lots of imagery, and minimal text are well suited for Semi-Glossy prints and Glossy prints. The Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl Semi-Glossy/Luster Paper is an archival grade paper offers a very full color range. Colors really “pop” on this paper, and brings out the vividness of the photos and artwork that is printed on it. This helps to bring forth a lot of the details in the print. The semi-gloss coating on the paper significantly reduces the glare and fingerprint smudges that are otherwise found on glossy papers.

The EPSON Metallic Glossy Photo Paper is an archival grade paper that is even more rich in color and detail than the Ilford Galerie Smooth Pearl paper. It is also part of the Epson “Signature Worthy” series of papers. The metallic finish gives the pictures an almost 3d like feel to them. The metallic finish prints especially well for images that have metal or other shiny things in them. It really helps to brings out the sheen of these items. One watch-out of this paper, and glossy papers in general is that ti does have a lot of glare which can be a problem under certain lighting conditions. Glossy prints can also sometimes stick to scrapbooks or glass mounting – semi-gloss prints would be better suited for this.

If you are not sure about which paper would best suit your print and your needs, we recommend you order a sample pack from us. We will print your image on all the different papers that we offer so you can see how your image looks on each of them to decide which one you like the most. You can order a 8.5 x 11” sample pack here.

Metal Prints

If you are looking for super high definition prints with brilliant color vibrancy, Metal Prints are the way to go!  Metal prints, also known as Aluminum Prints, offer a vibrancy of color not seen in other types of prints. Because of the way that the image is infused into the aluminum’s coating, the colors on a metal print are incredibly vivid. Upon viewing an aluminum print for the first time, people often think the brilliance of color is due to artificial lighting, rather than the medium itself.

Despite the name, metal prints are not actually printed onto the metal. Your image is first printed onto a transfer paper and, with a combination of the perfect amount of heat and pressure, the image is “baked” into a polymer-coated sheet of aluminum. The heat turns the ink into a gaseous state and bonds it to the polymer coating.  This process is called sublimation. The image is now infused into the metal and the print is left to cool off. We then finish the process by trimming the corners if needed, and installing whatever mounting option you have chosen.

Depending on the size of the print, we suggest that your images be 300+ dpi for the best image quality. Images at 200-300 dpi are also acceptable.

The polymer coating of the print makes it durable and scratch resistant, as well as unaffected by water. Cleaning is as easy as wiping your print down with a microfiber or other soft cloth. If smudges or fingerprints persist you can also apply warm water or a mild cleanser. Please note, however, that aluminum prints are meant to be displayed indoors. Direct sunlight will cause the colors in your print to fade over time, so make that you display your prints in a suitable place.

Installation Options:

Metal Easel

Metal Easel

You can use the Easel mount to either stand your metal print on a surface, or to mount it on a wall.  You have the option of how to display your metal print.

Available for the following sizes:

5x7, 8x8, 8x10, 8x12, 11x14, 11x17, 12x12"

Wall Float

Wood Spacers

Add dimension to your print by using the Wall Float.  The Wall Float Photo Mount positions your picture a dramatic ½ inch from the wall.

Available for all sizes except 5x7”

Color Management

We take extra care to make sure the color of the printed image matches the color of the image you uploaded. We regularly color-calibrate our screens and printers and use the Adobe RGB color profile which has a the largest color space.

In the image to the right, the entire horseshoe-shaped space shows all the colors that the human eye can see. The smallest area represents the CMYK color profile, which has the smallest about of colors. The second to largest area represents the sRGB profile which has the medium amount of colors. Finally, the largest area represents Adobe RGB which is the profile we operate on and that are printers are able to print.

When an image is uploaded or sent to us, we keep the color profile as the one that was sent in, so that your image will be printed most closely to the way you see it on your screen. However, we do convert the color profile to be Adobe RGB, so the image is able to print with a larger color space if any additional color changes are made.

Your satisfaction is always guaranteed, and we will work with you to make sure our printers match the colors you are looking for.