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Holiday Schedule

The 2017 holiday season is upon us, and we’re happy to share the Holiday Schedule with you. We’ve crafted this schedule to help maximize the time that you have to take orders from your customers and still make it in time for Christmas delivery.

Working Days on Weekend of 12/16 and 12/17:
We will be working overtime through the weekend of December 16th and 17th to help process last-minute orders for you and extend the time that you can take orders! Both of these days will be working days in our production schedule, and you can submit orders on these days for processing like any regular working day. Do note that although we will be working to process orders, shipments will not be made on Sunday 12/17 as both FedEx and USPS are closed.

Time Tables:
Orders placed by 11 am on the following dates, based on production and shipping times, will be processed and shipped in time for Christmas delivery. This is based on orders submitted with no approvals required (the preview and approval process adds to the time frame). The 5-day shipping option order by the 15th is only available for FedEx Home (delivery to homes, not to commercial addresses). If you need to ship to a commercial address, we recommend next day production. The very latest date you can submit is the 22nd by 11 am if you choose same day production and Express shipping.

Reduced Rush Production Costs:
We reduced our rush production costs during the 2016 holiday season – and we will be reducing them even further this holiday season! We want to make it easier for you to take last minute orders from your customers, especially during the busy holiday season. These new prices will be effective Dec 1st.

Recommended Date for Submissions: 
We recommend having Sunday, December 17th 9 am PST as your own order submission deadline for your customers. This allows you two hours to process any last minute orders and submit them online by Sunday, December 17th 11 am PST.

This date will be in time for all USPS Orders and orders that ship FedEx within 3 days or less (basically from the west coast to the middle of the US). For customers of yours in the east coast that have bigger size orders (generally stretched canvases bigger than 20x24) that would be cheaper to ship FedEx instead of USPS, you can use next day production to fulfill those orders – and they should still be profitable for you given the low cost of next day production.

You can still accept orders after that on a case by case basis and still have it delivered by Christmas. If your customers are on the west coast or if you choose expedited production/shipping, the prints may still be able to make it to your customer in time. You can reference the above grid in those scenarios on what combinations work for this.

We look forward to working together with you to make the 2017 holiday season a very successful one!