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Frames by Canvas Memoirs Pro Order Frames

Our frames are all solid wood. We never use cheap alternatives such as plastic.
We custom cut each and everyone of our frames to fit your canvas perfectly.
We have different frame colors to fit your decorating needs.

  Frame Corners Moulding by Canvas Memoirs Pro  

Float Frames

Floating frames are a distinctive framing choice that can set your artwork off and garner more attention for it. Designed for artwork that is printed or painted on canvas, floater frames give art the illusion of floating inside the picture frame without touching it, which creates an interesting visual detail and a sense of three-dimensional depth in the overall display.

A benefit of the floating frame over regular frames is that it does not cover the front of the image, allowing the entire front of the photograph or painting to be displayed. The floating frame helps to separate the photo or painting from its surroundings and draws attention to the artwork itself, providing a modern and elegant look to your artwork.

Soon to be Lumaprints!

We will soon be Lumaprints, so feel free to come check out our new Floating Frame Product Page, which will also include pricing information for our Framed Canvas.

NOTE: to see Pro pricing at Lumaprints, simply register an account at our Lumaprints Registration Page, and select “Pro” account type. Then, once you log in, all prices will automatically adjust to display our Pro, wholesale pricing.


Black Float Frame
White Float Frame
Silver Float Frame

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